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The speakeasy was bathed in a bright light. Most of the guests had to squint their eyes at the glare, giving them a condescending look. Waiters dressed in crisply pressed suits expertly navigated through the sea of people, balancing trays of hors d'oeuvres and sparkling champagne. I sipped my own glass to the side, watching from a distance as everyone laughed and danced their troubles away for just one night.
"Pathetic, isn't it?" a young gentleman with slicked-back blond hair and piercing blue eyes commented as he took his place beside me. "How they can act like that and forget all the troubles in the world." 
"I think it's poetic," I replied.
He raised one thick eyebrow at me, one side of his lip tugging up in a smirk. "How do you mean?"
"The way they forget so easily; I wish I could be like them."
The smirk left the strangers face as he stood there contemplating what I had said. Finally he stuck out a hand. "Erwin Smith."
I smiled, taking his firm grip in mine. "(F/N) (L/N). Pleasure." 
"So tell me, miss (L/N), what's a doll like you doing in a place like this?" 
I snorted. "Like I haven't heard that line before. Sorry, mac, the bank's closed. Good day, Mr. Smith." I brushed passed him, quickly retreating to a group of gossiping girls in a far corner of the room. They didn't even notice me as I approached. 
"...I swear! Thirteen! Heard it from Louise herself!" a blonde giggled gayly.
"Yes but honey, Louise makes up lies," a petite woman with a thick southern accent drawled, sticking up her nose precariously, like there was a book placed on top of her perfectly poised head about to topple off. "Do not believe a word she says. She once told me she met the great Harry Houdini himself! Bah! Like he would give her the time of day." 
"Oh Lorraine, don't be so cynical! Tabitha told me what Louise said is true; she was one of them!" the blonde retorted. "And Tabitha never lies. Can you believe it though? Thirteen women!" 
"What are we talking about?" I asked, not really caring, startling them all, almost making Lorraine's book tumble to the ground. 
The blonde replied almost instantly, seeming not to care who I was, as long as she could spread some juicy gossip. "Ewrin Smith! Have you heard of him? Richest man in the whole of New York! According to some reliable sources, he has gone with thirteen women!" 
I arched one of my eyebrows. "Really. And his wife? what does she think of his misadventures?" 
"Oh, he doesn't have a wife. There was a rumour he was engaged to some dame from Boston, but the rumour was never confirmed," said the blonde. "I'm Queenie, by the way. This bluenose here is Lorraine, and these two are my cousins, Evelyn and Eleanor." she motioned to the only other girls in our small circle, two girls who looked strangely identical. I assumed they were twins. Both had their short black hair curled to one side, as was the style, and they regarded me with a look of boredom. 
"Pleased to meet you," they said at the same time.
"I would say the same," said Lorraine. "But I don't know you enough to admit that just now." 
Queenie shook her head, her blonde curls bouncing, and smiled sideways at me. "Don't mind her. We didn't get your name?" 
"It's (F/N)." 
"Pleased to make your acquaintance," Queenie said.
"So this Erwin Smith," I said, trying to steer the conversation. "He's a vamp?"
"By gollie, is he ever!" remarked Lorraine. 
"Don't look now," said Evelyn.
"But there he is." finished Eleanor. 
They both pointed, and Queenie, Lorraine and I turned to look. Standing by the bar, talking to a women with firetruck-red hair, was the blond-haired gentleman I had the pleasure of meeting a while ago. 
"He is such a sheik," sighed Queenie. "To just speak with him for a bit would be a blessing." 
I stared at Queenie, then back at Ewrin. An idea formed in the back of my head, making me smirk. "You four stay here." I made to move, but before I could Queenie's slender hand grabbed mine.
"Wait," her eyes were huge, and she was breathing rapidly through her nose. "You aren't going to talk to him, are you?"
"Yes," I quickly shimmied out of her grasp, staring her right in her sapphire orbs as I made my way across the room. "Why not?" 
By the time I made it to the bar, the red-haired girl was gone, and Ewrin was alone drinking a Bronx. He had sat down, so I sat down next to him, turning to the barkeep. "Planter's punch.I could see Ewrin starring at me out of the corner of my eye. 
"I had given up hope on you," he smiled.
"I think your balled up," I still wouldn't look at him. "I'm only here for the hooch."
He chuckled. "Of course."
The bartender set down my glass in front of me, but I didn't take a drink, not yet; instead I ran my fingers down the cool glass, cocking my head, watching as Erwin watched me draw circles in the condensation. 
"So, Mr. Smith," I rasped. "I'm surprised an esteemed gentleman such as yourself would take time out of your busy schedule to partake in a disagreeable, and not to mention illegal, activity such as this." 
He shrugged, taking a sip of his drink before answering. "Well, everyone else seemed to be doing it. Plus, I get to meet keen women such as yourself." 
I giggled. "I wouldn't exactly call myself keen. But you know who I would?" I reached over, cupping his chin in my hand, turning it slightly to rest his eyes on the figure on Queenie. "Her. Wouldn't you agree?"  I kept my fingers were they were, admiring his jaw formation. Best I had ever seen.
His eyes turned back to mine, and I instantly let go of his chin. He smiled. "She is quit spiffy, I must say. But not my type."
"Not your type? What would your type be, then?" 
He looked me up and down, his eyes lingering a little to long on my exposed, crossed legs. "A jane like yourself." he finally said. 
I brought my drink up to my lips, taking a long chug and then setting it down again. "And the other women you were with, were they just not your type?" 
He frowned. "No, they were all dumb Dora's." 
"Ah, so Ewrin Smith likes his women with a brain. I admire that in a man." 
His smirk filled out most of his face, sending a shiver down my spine. "You are most peculiar, miss (L/N). One minute you're rejecting me, and the next you are bluntly flirting with me. I'm getting mixed messages."
"You must not be too familiar with flirting then, Mr Smith, if you believe that that is what this conversation is." I lifted my drink to my lips, turning my head and exposing my long, slender neck to him. Licking my lips, I put my cup down slowly, carefully, watching his eyes dance with many emotions at once. Lust. Amusement. Desire. It made my skin tingle with excitement; my initial plan to set him up with Queenie lay forgotten in the back of my mind. 
"You amuse me, enchantress," he lifted himself from his seat, arm outstretched in my direction. "If this isn't flirting, like you claim, then how about a... friendly rendezvous back at my place, no?" 
The alcohol pumped through my veins as I lost all control, giggling gayly, accepting his hand a little to happily. "Why if it's just as friends, I see absolutely no harm in it. Lead the way, Mr Smith."

My head felt like it was on fire as I opened my eyes and blinked away the harsh light of morning seeping through the window. I was in an unfamiliar room, laying in an unfamiliar bed. Someone's arm was draped over my waist, and I could hear the even breathing of sleep behind me. I turned, carefully, so as not to wake him. His blond hair was tousled, a lose curl hanging down in front of one closed eye. He wasn't wearing a shirt, and with a quick peek under the covers, I could also conclude that he wasn't wearing trousers. My mind was blank; I tried to remember exactly what had happened last night, but all that came to mine was a bubbling blonde and way too much alcohol (as evident by my thumping head). I quietly tiptoed out of bed, taking extra caution not to wake Erwin up. I was never good with the morning after talk. 
located my dress, slung over an armchair, and slipped it on. It still reeked of alcohol. Grabbing my shoes by the heels, I tiptoed out of the bedroom into a lavishly decorated lounge. didn't have time to sight see as I picked up the handle on a rotary telephone that sat on a circular table next to a love seat. I draped myself down on it as the phone rang shrilly in my ear. What was the number Erwin gave to the taxi driver last night? 
"Terry's Taxi Service, how may we help you today?"
"1999 Broadway please," I fumbled, hoping I had got the right address.
"You got it, doll. A car will be there jiffy quick." 
"Thank you." I placed the receiver back down, turning to exit the front door, but I stopped at the last moment. Grabbing a fountain pen and scrap paper, I wrote down a quick message for when Erwin woke up. I hoped i wouldn't regret this. 

Ring me anytime <3



1920s!ErwinxReader - Euphoria

Bluenose - An excessively puritanical person, a prude

Dame - a female

Doll - an attractive woman 

Dumb Dora - a stupid female

Hooch – Alcoholic liquor, especially inferior or illicit whiskey

Jane - any female 

Keen - Attractive or appealing

Mac – A man

Planter's Punch – a cocktail containing rum, lime juice, carbonated water, and sugar.

Sheik - A man with sex appeal (from the Valentino movies)

Speakeasy - An illicit bar selling bootleg liquor

Vamp – An aggressive flirt, to seduce



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